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Waryax's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 16 (From 3 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 140 Points

City Siege 4: Alien Siege

Start Playing Unlocked 11/11/12
5 Points
Start The Game!
100 Kills 10 Points Kill 100 Baddies
Burn Stuff 10 Points Burn Stuff!
Kill Plant Boss 10 Points Kill Plant Boss
Max Troops 10 Points Fill Every Slot in Your Army
Buy R-Wing 25 Points Buy R-Wing
Completed 25 Points Complete all Levels
Tremerz 25 Points Kill a Worm Boss
All Gold 50 Points Get a Gold Medal on All Levels
Buy Mech 50 Points Buy Mech
Own All Units 50 Points Buy One of Each Unit

Medals Earned: 1/11 (5/270 points)

Spike - A Love Story

Beyond Words Unlocked 4/29/11
5 Points
Cut Off a Conversation
Centerpieces Unlocked 4/29/11
5 Points
A Nice Center Smash
Droppin' Ten Unlocked 4/29/11
5 Points
Ten Crush-Hugs
Easy Fiver Unlocked 4/29/11
5 Points
Five Love Taps
Just Barely Unlocked 4/29/11
5 Points
Far Right Smoosh
Comedic Timing Unlocked 4/29/11
10 Points
You Obey the Rule of Three for Big Yucks!
Teen Angst Unlocked 4/29/11
10 Points
Fifteen Gory Love Lunges
Blackjack Unlocked 4/29/11
25 Points
21 Spikey Embraces
Quickie 10 Points Far Left Hit
You Will Survive 10 Points 20 Hits in Survival
A Perfect Love 25 Points Perfect Score in Story Mode
Superior Smoosher 25 Points 30 Hits in Survival
The Crusher 50 Points 40 Hits in Survival
MASTER SMASHER 100 Points 50 Hits in Survival

Medals Earned: 8/14 (70/290 points)

Turbo Kids

Double Freeze Unlocked 4/22/12
5 Points
Freeze 2 opponents at once
First Gold Unlocked 4/22/12
5 Points
Finish in 1st place at any stage
Skillful Jumper Unlocked 4/22/12
5 Points
Complete stage without falling
Speedy Unlocked 4/22/12
5 Points
2x combo taking speed power-up
Dodger Unlocked 4/22/12
10 Points
Complete 2 stages without hit
I Love Speed Unlocked 4/22/12
10 Points
4x combo taking speed power-up
Speed Maniac Unlocked 4/22/12
25 Points
4x combo taking speed power-up
Ice Sculptor 5 Points Freeze your opponents 20 times
Airwalker 10 Points 2x combo taking jump power-up
I Never Fall 10 Points Complete 3 stages without falling
Ice Generator 10 Points Freeze your opponents 50 times
Multi Freeze 10 Points Freeze 4 opponents at once
Third Gold 10 Points Finish in 1st place three times
Born to Win 25 Points Finish in 1st place six times
Gravity Fighter 25 Points 3x combo taking jump power-up
Ice Maniac 25 Points Freeze your opponents 100 times
Massive Freeze 25 Points Freeze 5 opponents at once
Turbo Kid 25 Points Complete the championship
Untouchable 25 Points Complete 4 stages without hit
Born to Fly 50 Points 4x combo taking jump power-up

Medals Earned: 7/20 (65/320 points)